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Milling produces large quantities of chips disrupting a continuous workflow. Bornemann 960 suction machines enable you to fully leverage suction milling: A tidy working environment and particularly short machining times with excellent results.


Automatically cooled tools


During milling, foamed plastics may become got or even melt. The suction machine's continuous flow of air eliminates this problem because the cutter is cooled while in operation. The result? Precisely cut and evenly finished surfaces.


The benefits of our suction machines at a glance:

  • Increases the productivity of your milling machine
  • Optimises the quality of your milled products
  • Reduces the cleaning effort in your plant
  • Innovative and powerful suction unit for foamed plastics milling machines or as a standalone solution
  • Immediate removal of chips enables high feed rates and short machining times
  • Sophisticated technology realises non-stop and unmanned milling of foamed plastics including styrofoam and polyurethane
  • Permanently cooling vacuum jet prevents the milled substances from melting, thus supporting precise milling results and clean milling surfaces
  • Creates a clean and tidy working environment
  • Can also be used for other milled plastics chips including Ureol
  • Ideally suited for joint application with hollow shaft milling motors and hollow cutters



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Bornemann 960 suction machine — Sophisticated quality for professional use.


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