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Thanks to a high level of functionality and reliability, Bornemann milling machines are indispensable for model making. Their portal construction achieves maximum precision and speed. Take a look at this category and get to know more about our premium quality milling machines. If you are looking for versatile milling machines, we are happy to help you.



Portal milling machine that meet the highest standards


Bornemann Maschinenbau GmbH provides you the right portal milling machine for your applications. All our portal milling machines

  • Bornemann TWENTY (best suited for smaller workpieces)
  • Bornemann ACE (for medium-sized models)
  • Bornemann STAR (for particularly large workpieces)
  • Bornemann TRIAS (especially for particularly large workpieces made of foamed plastic)

have a dedicated subpage that gives you an overview of all their product details.


Featuring travel paths of 3,000 millimetres on each of the X and Y axes, and up to 1,500 millimetres on the Z axis, the Bornemann ACE is extremely versatile. This milling machine is ideal for fast production of medium sized models made of a variety of foamed plastics, plastics, wood, compound materials, fibre composites, and aluminium.


Bornemann STAR, on the other hand, features a whole 6,000-millimetre travel path on the X axis for producing large work pieces. The other performance data of the two machines are identical.


Bornemann TWENTY features travel paths of X=1500 mm, Y=2400 mm and Z=800 mm, which make it the obvious choice for machining smaller workpieces made of foamed plastics, plastics, wood, compound materials and fibre composites.


Bornemann TRIAS (X=6000 mm, Y=3000 mm and Z=1250 mm) was specially developed for the production of workpieces made of foamed plastics.


The right milling machines for your projects: Whether models, prototypes, sculptures or decorations – our highly advanced milling machines solve all tasks with great precision and speed. They are available with three, four, or five axes, and in a variety of design models.


Your benefits at a glance: 

  • First-class portal milling machines for various applications
  • Portal milling machines for machining workpieces of all sizes
  • Comprehensive consulting service

If you would like to learn more about our milling machines, get in touch with us now. We have long years of experience in the production of such machines and rely on our comprehensive expertise to provide assistance in each and every case.