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If you are looking for a special milling spindle, you are at the right place. Thanks to our long years of experience manufacturing milling machines of all kinds, you can rely on us as your competent contact. Get your own impression of the quality of our milling spindles and check which models are suitable for your purposes. From us you can always expect very high quality milling spindles.

Bornemann milling spindle delivers convincing results


Together with a milling machine, a suction unit, and hollow cutters, Bornemann's powerful and robust milling motors with hollow shaft for suction milling are considered key units for excellent machining of your foamed plastics. When combined with a suitable end mill, milling spindles from our range are also suitable for machining

  • homogenous plastics
  • wood
  • resins
  • compound materials

and much more. Take a look at our subpages and familiarise yourself with our milling spindles in detail.


The central units in this area are the Bornemann 444 and 440 milling motors. Both motors have a hollow shaft and are ideal for suction milling foam plastics. These models work at high rotational speeds and are designed with a robust construction for long-term use. In addition, we can also provide you with customised adapter boards for our machines.


The Bornemann 440 model works at up to 6,000 rotations per minute, while the Bornemann 444 has a speed of up to 12,000 rotations per minute.


Bornemann milling machines can also be provided with third-party milling spindles in accordance with the customer's specific requirements or area of application. For example 13.5 kW, max. 18,000 min-1, with HSK A 63 adapter.


Your benefits a glance:

  • Competent advice by experienced experts
  • Possibility of custom manufactured adapter plates
  • Perfect machining of foamed plastics thanks to Bornemann milling spindles


Do you require further information on a specific milling spindle from our range of products? Contact us! You can either call our service hotline on +49 (0)5187 94 00 0 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Bornemann milling spindle delivers convincing results